Playing MP3s and Video on your DS

How Do I Play Video On My DS?

Nintendo DS cards play video but only in a format known as .dpg. You will likely need to convert your video from an existing .avi, .wma, .mp4 etc. format to a .dpg format which can then be read by your DS console. This is not difficult to do at all; see the below steps.

First, you will need to download a free program called DPGTools. The newest version of this software has beennamed DPGenc (basically DPGTools 2.0) and can be downloaded at the official website right here.

After you have downloaded DPGenc, place all the files within the ZIP file onto a directory on your PC (NOT your DS card or Micro SD card). You can place them anywhere; it does not matter. Once you have placed them onto your computer, opening the DPGenc folder should give you something like this:

There’s a chance that when you first open DPGenc it will display in a different language. Easily fixed; just select the Language tab as you see below and select English.

The interface is now incredibly simple and involves dragging and dropping video into the window to encode into the .dpg format. Make sure you have enough space on your hard drive and that you have selected the directory you want your encoded video to go into. The rest is simple – just drag, drop, and wait! Bear in mind large and longer-length videos can take a while to encode.

You should now see your movie file, converted to dpg, in the directory you originally chose.

There we go – all done! You may want to make sure you have Moonshell (Nintendo DS media player) installed on your DS card. Some cards already come with Moonshell pre-installed (like the R4i 3DS and M3i Zero) but even if you determine Moonshell isn’t there, you can always just download it manually and place it on your card. You can download Moonshell from this link (DS-Xtra).

FOR EXPERTS: The “Options” toolbar in the dpgenc program lets you change the bitrate of the video, brightness, and volume. If you watch videos on your DS console often and would like some advanced control over how your video plays, you can experiment with these settings.


How Do I Play MP3s On My DS?

Playing MP3s on your Nintendo DS is incredibly easy! All you need to do is download Moonshell from here at DS-Xtra. Once you have downloaded the Moonshell ZIP file, extract all the files onto your Micro-SD card. Some DS cards come with Moonshell pre-installed, so check this first in case you don’t even need to download it.

Once you have done this, you are done! See, that was easy. You now just need to drag-and-drop your MP3 files onto your Micro-SD card (either in the root directory or in a “Music” directory if you would like to be neat and tidy). You should now be able to listen to your MP3s whenever you start up your DS cart and select the media option at your loading screen.

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