DSTT “Menu” Screen Problem?

The Black/White/faded screen and missing Micro SD Error

Two of the most common problems with the DSTT Card  is the Black, white or faded loading screen crash and the missing micro SD error. The majority of people assume that this is because their DSTT card is broken, and immediately panic or send their card back.


Six Steps to Solve the Problem

1) Make sure you have downloaded the correct and latest software. For help with this, please visit NDS-Gear’s DSTT software download page here (linked with their permission, thanks!) and be sure you have the latest stable firmware.

2) Make sure the software is position in the root directory – the ‘base’ or first directory of your Micro-SD card. What your Micro-SD card’s files should look like, can be seen below:

3) Give your Micro SD a good clean (a good blow or two, as the card contacts can be sensitive to dirt).

4) Make sure that the micro SD is not overloaded. The remainder of your Micro-SD card’s memory is needed to keep your card running in tip top shape. As a guide, we recommend filling your Micro-SD card no more than 60% full. That means that for a 1GB card, we only recommend filling it 600MB full of games. For a 2GB card, we recommend only filling it up to 1.2GB full,and so on.

5) Make sure the micro SD is pushed down completely into the DS Card (ensure good contact between Micro SD and R4 card). In a very small minority of cases, the micro SD has to be pull up a bit  if the ‘click’ between the micro SD and the DSTT card causes them to misalign.For the old spring format DSTT cards, make sure the spring mechanism is working and not ‘stucked’ by unloading and reloading the micro SD several times.

6) Reformat your micro SD (FAT16/32) for optimal performance.

7) Use only Micro SD/ SDHC 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 24 and 32GB.

Your DSTT should now work as normal!

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  1. DSTT says:

    i often get the white screen problem, now i Solve this problem easily! Thanks!

  2. Zerba says:

    Added to stumble, thanks for the great article.

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