History of DS Cards

 The Original R4 Revolution DS Card

The original R4 Revolution DS Card, produced by the self-titled “Team R4”, came into existence in early 2007.  This was not the first DS flash card on the market, but the first one to really make a name for itself with wide-market appeal.  It is also the most copied in terms of design and branding with many clones and imitators.

The original R4 Revolution DS Card looked much the same as the current R4v2 Card, but there was a noticeable difference.The top of the original R4 Revolution DS Card had a small groove to push-lock a Micro-SD card inside. This made use of a spring mechanism so that a Micro-SD card would lock into place when pushed. A simple second push would allow it to come back out of the R4 DS Card.

The R4 DS Card in its original guise was produced for just under one year. Team R4 realised that the spring mechanism in the R4 Card had problems, affecting up to 5% of the card’s production. Problems with the spring could cause the mechanism to break.

This meant that Micro-SD cards would no longer go into the R4 DS Card properly. Obviously, this was a big problem. Therefore, Team R4 set out to create a newer version of the R4 DS Card, fixing the problem and helping reliability. They called this card the “R4v2 Card”.



The new version of the R4 Revolution DS Card, titled the “R4v2 Revolution DS Card” (predictably!), was released in late 2007. This new version removed the need for a spring mechanism to insert a Micro-SD card. Instead, it simply had a slot in the back where a user could manually slot a Micro-SD card in.

This eliminated the problems of the original R4 Revolution DS Card where the spring mechanism could go wrong

A new problem could be that the Micro-SD card accidentally becomes dislodged from the R4v2 Card during play. However, we found during tests that this is fine. Unless you put a fingernail underneath the Micro-SD card and pry it out, it is hard for it to simply shake out, even on a moving train. The London Underground provided a good basis for this test!

Other Non-R4 Cards

Various other cards similar to the R4v2 have been produced since the success of the original R4 Revolution DS Card. Some of the cards that have been produced include the following. You can clink on links to be taken to a descriptive page of that particular card:

Fake R4 and R4i Cards

All of the above are genuine, legitimate cards produced by rival factories to try and obtain market share. It’s good that there is competition in the DS cards industry as that means we get better, more reliable products over time. However, some factories and companies have not chosen this path and they are actually producing fake cards hoping to make quick profit on poorly supported products. These cards should be generally avoided until long term quality is proven.

There exist fakes for some non-R4 cards (such as the DSTT). However, the vast majority of clones are R4 or R4i-branded. Avoid anything other than then R4 SDHC and R4i 3DS cards – this includes cards like the R4 Ultra, R4 Advance, R4i Gold, R4 Gold, and so forth – these are ALL fake cards. Some examples are below.



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