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Crown3DS Plays 3DS Games!

September 2011 appears to be a bit of a landmark date in the Nintendo homebrew industry, and with very good reason. In the last week or so, rumours and reports that a group calling themselves Crown3DS have broken the encryption on the Nintendo 3DS console have become substantiated. It appears that this previously unknown DS card developer has developed a prototype card that can play Nintendo 3DS 3D games! This is massive news because to date, every DS based card in existence for the DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL and 3DS console could only play regular DS games, and not DSiWare (which is downloadable content for the DSi handheld console) and or Nintendo 3DS ’3D’ games.

Crown3DS have backed up these rumours by releasing a video proving that their research has come to fruition. The video demonstrates that a prototype card (with an awful lot of wires sticking out the back of it!) could successfully play Splinter Cell 3DS on a Nintendo 3DS console without problem.



There are currently a few reservations about the Crown3DS team still, however. Bear in mind that all the top flash card teams like Acekard, Supercard, R4i, EZFlash etc. have all built a reputation on customer response and compatibility. Even if this Crown3DS card ends up working on a 3DS console with 3D games, they still need to prove themselves as a supplier by listening to the community and making frequent updates. As they have no current track record it is difficult to say whether they’d be good or not so good at this.

Additionally, the video gives no indication whatsoever of how close the Crown3DS card is to manufacturing, or whether it will permanently stay as a prototype only.

Below are some more photos of the kit in action.




If there are any additional developments, we’ll be sure to post them on this website! Do stay tuned.

Updates for M3i Zero and EZFlash Vi Cards on 1.4.3 DSi Firmware

It has been many weeks since Nintendo released the v1.4.3 firmware update for DSi.  The M3 Team has just recently released their own fix for their flagship M3i Zero card.  It seems like it took longer than usual for all developers to get a fix out, but now M3i Zero users can regain compatibility with the latest DSi version.  The M3 Team does actively support their card, and all new announcements can be found on their official website

M3i ZeroEZFlash Vi

The fix is a .nds format file, just like a rom game backup.  The file should be copied to the micro sd along with the game files and loaded via the M3 menu.  Hopefully your DSi is not yet updated to v1.4.3, if it is, and you cannot access the menu, then you must borrow a DS Lite, DSi v1.4.2 or older, or 3DS v2.1.0-3X or lower.  Load the file just like a game, and follow the on screen instructions to flash your M3i Zero.  Once complete, it should load perfectly under Dsi v.1.4.3.

For the EZFlash Vi, the latest DSi v1.4.3 compatibility firmware update finally introduces a change to the old pattern, but showing a new game Guilty Gear DS once applied.  The new firmware fix v106a adds compatibility with the latest DSi firmware update v1.4.3.

You can download the new EZFlash Vi firmware v106a from the official manufacturer’s website  It is a .nds file that loads from the EZFlash Vi menu like any other game.  On screen instructions will take you the rest of the way.

Have fun!

Nintendo Releases 1.4.3 DSi Firmware Update

Last updated 16/August/2011 – (Many thanks to NDS-Gear for informing us about the 1.4.3 DSi update)


Nintendo Releases DSi 1.4.3 Firmware Update

Just a few weeks after the 1.4.2 update was released, Nintendo have released a follow-up update, simply called the 1.4.3 firmware update. This update affects both the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL consoles. There is speculation that the update might be to get the DSi compatible with the recent Nintendo 3DS’ update, but it’s most probable that the update is just there to block Nintendo DS flash carts.

Current Compatibility with 1.4.3 System Update

Currently (as of 16/Aug/2011), the Supercard DSTWO, Acekard 2i and R4i 3DS are confirmed to be working, but other manufacturers are still working on a fix.

Pretty much all mainstream official cards work with the older 1.4.2 update, still, including:

  • R4i 3DS
  • iEDGE
  • Acekard 2i
  • Supercard DSTWO
  • M3i Zero
  • EZFlash Vi
  • Cyclo DS iEvolution

In the mean time, please do not use the System Update function on your DSi and DSi XL consoles as this will render the cards unusable until manufacturers come out with updates. We’ll try to update this page frequently when news about other mainstream cards becomes available.

Nintendo DSi 1.4.3 Firmware Video

DSCardWorld have a video on YouTube showing the new firmware blocking various cards.


They also have a video showing the upgrade process for the R4i 3DS card specifically.


Nintendo Updates to then Firmware

New Nintendo DSi and 3DS Firmware Updates

After updating the Nintendo DSi to the newer 1.4.2 firmware, Nintendo then went after the Nintendo 3DS. The purpose of both of these updates was to make the transfer of online content (such as DSiWare) from DSi to the 3DS seamless. However, the newest updates made cards on both the DSi and 3DS unable to be used.

Nintendo DSi / 3DS Updates Block Flash Cards

Both of these updates blocked the vast majority of genuine flash cards as well as effectively all clone / imitation cards that don’t have a support team behind them. Nintendo also released an additional firmware update ( for the 3DS after it emerged that some games may have come into problems with the update. However, this new update doesn’t block any cards. So any 3DS with cards that are compatible will also be compatible with Nintendo’s firmware update.

Many of the genuine card manufacturers have already provided fixes for the majority of the firmware updates. From our research, they are as follows (links to the official manufacturer’s website) for the main genuine card manufacturers. This list was last updated 29/June/2011:

  • R4i SDHC / R4i 3DS (1.4.2 compatible, compatible)
  • Supercard DSTWO (1.4.2 compatible, compatible)
  • Acekard 2i (1.4.2 compatible, compatible)
  • M3i Zero(1.4.2 compatible, compatible)
  • EZFlash Vi(1.4.2 compatible, compatible)
  • iEDGE (1.4.2 compatible only)
  • Cyclo DS iEvolution (no updates as of yet)

Buying Genuine Nintendo DSi / 3DS Cards

For a list of retailers who stock only genuine cards, head over to our Where to Buy page.

Retailers are welcome to e-mail us to be put on this page as long as you meet the following conditions:

  • You provide prompt customer service and are an established retailer,
  • You sell ONLY genuine cards (we do not allow ANY stores that sell fake / clone cards)

R4i 3DS Patched/Fixed for Nintendo DSi 1.4.2 Firmware

Last month in May 2010, Nintendo released the 1.4.2 update on the DSi console. This update was activated through the System Update menu in the Settings menu of the DSi, or when you access DSiWare online. Once this update was implemented though, it blocked Nintendo DS flash cards. During this time, many stores have been advising people not to update their DS cards until fixes were announced. Now, however, first on the scene with a fix comes from the R4i team – that is the first R4i team, not the clone R4i guys (good luck listing them all, there are many fakes and clones! The genuine guys are at with a hyphen, anyone else is a fake R4i).

This is surprising because normally the R4i team don’t have updates for new firmwares; their cards are normally not updatable. This is the first official ‘firmware update’ in over a year where users don’t have to buy a brand new card to continue using them on their DSi consoles. This is significant and probably gives the R4i 3DS team a bit more respect; this means that the components they’re using to build the R4i 3DS / R4i SDHC cards are now better. Previously, the cards were cheap but used components that meant they couldn’t be updated. This is a great and welcome change, and we’re happy to welcome the R4i into the “updatable” fold.

We’ll show you how to update your R4i card here, it will give you full access to your card features on your updated DSi console. There is a separate fix for their previous discontinued model the R4i SDHC v1.4.1 as well. (If the box on your R4i card shows v1.4.1, this is yours)

Step 1
Pick up the Nintendo console you are going to use to flash your R4i 3DS. If you have not yet updated your Nintendo DSi’s firmware to 1.4.2, you’re fine with the DSi. However, if your DSi is already updated you must borrow a DS Lite, 3DS, or DSi v1.4.1 or lower. You cannot update your R4i card using a Nintendo DSi console that is already using the 1.4.2 firmware.

Step 2
Download the fix file from the R4i official website here and copy it onto the Micro SD card with your R4i menu files. The fix for the R4i SDHC v1.4.1 is available here. Don’t forget you need to unzip the files using a program like WinRAR or WinZIP.

Step 3
Insert the R4i 3DS into your console once all the files are on the Micro SD card (DS Lite used in the example below).

Step 4
Boot into the R4i menu and select the .nds update file.

Step 5

Follow the onscreen instructions and wait for it to complete, it might take a fair while so be patient. The game it shows up as will change to Spongebob Squarepants. It will show a progress bar that slowly gets to 100%.

Step 6

Test it out on the updated DSi. You’ll see the Spongebob Squarepants logo which indicates that the DSi 1.4.2 update was successful.

New Nintendo 1.4.2 Patch Blocks Flash Cards on DSi/DSi XL

UPDATE 27/JUNE/2011: All mainstream cards now work on the 1.4.2 firmware update. If you own an R4i 3DS in particular, please click here for a step-by-step guide to updating your card.

On the 11th of May 2011, Nintendo released a firmware upgrade for users of the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL consoles. The newest update changes the version number of the console firmware to the newest 1.4.2 version.

If you use the online store function of your DSi or you go to the System Settings menu of your DSi, you will be presented with the following screen.


If you currently use any flash card for the Nintendo DSi, do not upgrade your console to the latest firmware via Nintendo’s system update! The upgrade will block your flash card from functioning on your DSi console. Manufacturers of various DS compatible cards including the Acekard, EZFlash and M3i teams are working to release a fix at the moment but there’s no telling when each individual fix will be released. The R4i team are infamous for not being able to ‘upgrade’ their flash card’s firmware to be compatible with Nintendo updates, instead releasing ‘new versions’ of the card for people to buy. Therefore, once again, do not upgrade your DSi console if you own any DSi card – and possibly consider buying a new card in the future if you currently own an R4i SDHC / R4i 3DS card.

While there has been no official announcement from Nintendo regarding this update, it is not difficult to guess why the update has occurred. Later on in May a software update will be made available for the Nintendo 3DS as well. Within this update is the 3DS eShop, where users will be able to buy games and also transfer DSiWare and games over from their older DSi consoles. The new 1.4.2 update for DSi consoles likely facilitates this transfer to the Nintendo 3DS. Naturally, the update has also currently rendered all DSi-compatible cards inoperable.

Updates are likely to be available in the near future for firmware-upgradable cards such as the Acekard 2i, M3i Zero and EZFlash Vi cards. However, there is no definite time frame for when these updates will be available. Cards that are upgradable are notably more expensive, so be prepared to pay a bit more if you wish to buy a high quality card. The R4i SDHC / R4i 3DS is a genuine AND reliable card, but the reason it is cheap is because historically the firmware was not upgradable. This may well be the case here, and more news will be updated on this page as and when possible.

In the mean time, please visit the Where To Buy page if you would like a flash card for your Nintendo DS / DSi / 3DS console for a list of stores that sell only genuine cards. Beware where you buy from and never buy fakes – we vet all stores (and our list may sometimes change to reflect this!) to make sure they only sell authentic cards and provide adequate customer service.

Report from the Nintendo 3DS London Launch Party

Nintendo really pulled out all the stops to make fans feel welcome with the official 3DS launch event in London last night. Not having to queue up for a console for hours outside stores all across the capital, party-goers could buy a console after midnight at the party if they so wished! The venue was the old Bishopsgate fish market (now converted into a convention hall) where there were literally hundreds of 3DS consoles on show with a variety of games for people to test out.

The queue to get into the launch event, with Tower Bridge in the background.

One of the many stations where eager gamers were testing out the capabilities of the 3DS

On show were a great selection of artists including Plan B, Parade and Hadouken who gave effort to a very good attempt to turn the hall into a mosh pit!

Parade were on hand to perform their latest single as well as a few classics, and were very well received.

Special presentations were made in the middle of the gigantic hall including live Street Fighter (on large projected screens above the crowd) head-to-head battles as well as a surprise live Street Fighter session by none other than Ryu and Ken – which I must add was VERY well choreographed!

Ryu and Ken duking it out live at the 3DS launch

Drinks and food were on hand to satisfy the hunger and thirst of the guests as even more demonstrators were walking around with consoles for people to try particular games. I must admit I was most impressed with ‘Steel Diver’, where I was trying to down ships with torpedoes from a submarine. What impressed me the most wasn’t the 3D effect though, but rather the 3DS’ motion sensors. I could move around in a circle (and got a few weird looks!) as I panned the view to look for targets.

The Street Fighter head-to-head in the middle of the hall

Ultimately, the 3D effect isn’t necessarily for everyone. For some (such as myself sometimes) who are used to moving their console about during playing, this may disrupt the 3D effect somewhat and actually left me with slightly crossed eyes after about 20 minutes of playing! However, assuming the console stays in one place, the 3D is very, very impressive and incredibly well executed.

Perhaps the most impressive of all was the Augmented Reality cards – a playing card is simply put on a table, and when the 3DS’ external cameras catches eye of it, characters and mini-games pop out literally off of the surface the card is placed on! Without a doubt this was the most impressive demonstration I saw on the day, and watching people (myself included) running 360 degrees around a table trying to ‘shoot’ an imaginary being on what appears to be a normal looking table must have been a sight to see!

An overview of the main hall at the 3DS launch.

Overall, the 3DS does not fail to impress, and definitely sets a new standard in gaming as far as Nintendo is concerned. As far as DS cards are concerned, many of the mainstream manufacturers are now eager to say their cards are updatable to back up games and still play on the 3DS (such as the Acekard team). The R4i team, as per usual, will not be compatible but a new card will be released that is (overall the Acekard / EZFlash / iEDGE cards are better because of this). Finally, also note that actual 3D (specific for 3DS) games won’t be playable on backup cards at this time, only regular DS and DSi games. For full details check out the ongoing 3DS Compatibility page by clicking here.

All the best!
The Webmaster

Nintendo 3DS Cards News

3DS Compatibility for DS and DSi Cards

Since the announcement of Nintendo’s new 3DS console, there has been a lot of talk as to whether or not DS / DSi cards will be compatible on the 3DS. After speaking to several official manufacturers and many suppliers/shops, reports their findings here.

Compatibility with 3DS Console

Several manufacturers have already announced their cards will be playable on the 3DS console. These manufacturers include the R4i team, as well as Acekard, M3i Zero, EZFlash, and so on. It appears at this time that most cards will be available to play without issues.

As of 29/June/2011 the following genuine cards are compatible with the 3DS console:

  • R4i 3DS
  • M3i Zero
  • Acekard 2i
  • Supercard DSTWO
  • Cyclo DS iEvolution
  • EZFlash Vi

Compatibility with 3DS / 3D Games

At this time, it is important to note that all cards that say they can play on the 3DS, can indeed play – BUT only for existing DS / DS Lite / DSi games. As before, DSiWare games as well as new 3DS games cannot be played using backup cards such as the R4 SDHC v2.10T / R4i SDHC.

Therefore, we conclude that only regular games can be backed up as it currently stands, and new games in 3D cannot be backed up at this time.