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The Supercard DSTWO Package

Supercard DSTWO


The Supercard DSTWO package comes with:

  • Supercard DSTWO DS Card
  • Micro SD Reader
  • Paper Manual

About the Card

The Supercard DSTWO is a top rated card with an excellent build quality, possibly the best we’ve ever seen.  It is substantial securely put together with a tension screw.   It carries all of the usual suspects of advanced features, AR Cheats, Real Times Save, Slo-Mo, with a highly polished GUI.  It also carries a desktop like inner menu with file copy, paste, and delete.  More importantly, the support for the Supercard DSTWO is top notch and the development team is very quick to put out new updates when needed.  It’s killer feature however, is its ability to natively run GBA and SNES/NES roms using it’s built in CPU chip.


Supercard DSTWO Features

  • Slot-2 PassMe mode
  • Slot-2 expansion support (although somewhat limited)
  • In-game menu
  • NDS real time save
  • NDS in-game guide
  • NDS slow-motion (although somewhat buggy)
  • NDS in-game menu custom key mapping
  • NDS cheats
  • Automatic DLDI patching (although somewhat buggy)
  • On-the-fly AP patching
  • On-the-fly cheat manipulation and creation (although somewhat limited)
  • Slot-1 GBA emulation (although somewhat buggy, compatibility problems, etc)
  • GBA save states
  • GBA .CHT cheat file support
  • File manipulation (cut, copy, paste, delete)
  • Custom G.U.I. skins (Skin Editor Download)
  • Multiple language support
  • Icon and list based view modes
  • Updatable firmware
  • iReader plug-in software (E-book reader/picture viewer)

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