All About the R4v3 Card

R4v3 Official Website

Note: The R4v3 is a popular clone of the original R4 card. It was widespread but it is still a fake card. (Now defunct)

Download R4v2 Software

The official R4v3 website is now defunct. However, the card may still work with the R4 Wood firmware.

Visit the gbatemp forums here and find the first topic entitled ‘Wood Firmware’ or similar, for the latest R4 Wood firmware.

The R4v3 Package

The R4v3 package comes with:

  • R4v3 Card
  • Micro SD Reader
  • Blue Card Holder
  • Blue Ribbon
  • Software Disc (Optional)

R4v3 / R4DS Features

  • 3rd Generation Storage Device. No booting tool require.
  • Slot 1 interface- Fit perfectly in DS.
  • Supports micro SD card and micro SDHC card, Fat 16 and 32.
  • Supports any Micro SD card speed with no lag in game.
  • Supports Clean ROM. Just drag and drop. Work on any OS.
  • Built in NoPass.
  • Automatically detect save types.
  • Save directly to microSD card, not onto onboard chip.
  • Support Moonshell and other homebrew. Open I/O interface.
  • User friendly interface. Support touchscreen and button operation.
  • Supports rumble pak and memory pak.
  • Supports WiFi games.
  • Supports background and skin change for Operation Interface
  • Supports 4-scale-lightness adjustment (DS Lite only)
  • Supports Soft Reset
  • Supports Action Replay Cheat
  • Supports Moonshell. DLDI auto-patching.
  • Support Download play
  • Include high-Speed memory card reader.

The R4v3 was a clone of the original R4 card that is no longer in production. You can find new DS cards these days that work on newer consoles and with newer applications and games. See the site’s Where to Buy DS Cards page for a list of stores that sell genuine (as opposed to fake / clone) cards.

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