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The M3i Zero Package




The M3i Zero package comes with:

  • M3i Zero Card
  • Micro SD Reader
  • USB Flashing Cable

About the Card

The M3i Zero is one of the early premium build cards for the latest DS consoles.  It is fully featured with a tightly branded package.  The usual advanced features like Soft Reset, Cheats, Real Time Save Game Backup and Homebrew support are coupled with a couple of unique features.  The M3i Zero DS Card has a clever integration of Moonshell media player that does not require it to be launched first off the files list, or via a shortcut button.  Movie and music files are a single tap away from the main list.  The best feature of the M3i Zero is it’s ability to flash itself via use of the included USB cable.  Other cards must be updated through their menu but cannot do so if the DS firmware is updated to block access, or the card firmware is corrupted somehow.  The M3i Zero is quite resilient and will simply rewrite any updates or errors over the old data.

Like most other slot-1 devices, the M3i Zero uses Micro SDHC cards for storage which range from 2GB to 32GB. M3i Zero package comes with a fast USB MicroSD reader/writer.

M3i Zero Features

-Build-in MCU  makes upgrade more powerful
-The new hardware features make the program (game) more compatible
-Improved cartridge design

-Compatible with DS , DSL & DSi .
-100% game compatibility .
-supports Real Time Save function . (Save & Restore anytime, anywhere.)
-Supports Multi-Language System (English,French , Germany , Italian , Spain , Portuguese, Dutch, Korea & Thai Language .)
-Continue to update & frequency enhance software/ firmware.
-Support micro SDHC (capacity over 4GB, 8GB ,16GB & 32GB …)
-Extreme simple to use, just plug & Play .
-Super Cheat Function
Fully AR Cheat Code Compatible engine .
Support reading individual cheat code file too. (xml, cht, dht, dat-R4 format)

-Supports software rest function .
-Support slow motion feature .
-Automatically detect and generate game save file .
-Excellent homebrew support ,DLDI auto-patcher
-Robust & skinnable GUI
-Build in PassMe .
-Intergraded least Moonshell 2.0 version .
-Supports download play .
-Supports rumble pack , GBA expansion pack & DS Browser .
-Supports 4-scale-lightness adjustment .

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