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The EZFlash Vi Evolution Package

EZFlash Vi


The EZFlash Vi package comes with:

  • EZFlash Vi Card
  • Micro SD Reader (optional)

About the Card

The EZFlash Vi is a solid mid-range card.  In fact it carries many features that more expensive cards have adding to its value.  It doesn’t get as much attention as some other cards, but we feel it is vastly underestimated.  Real Time Save and Soft Reset are well represented in this simple package.  The EZFlash Vi runs SDHC cards sized 2GB-32GB, but may run into compatibility issues with Kingston branded 4GB micro sd cards.  Kingston micro sd cards of other sizes seem to be unaffected.  The EZFlash Vi runs an accessible menu where everything is contained on a single screen.  It is also updatable to counter new updates from Nintendo, although this is not always necessary with the EZFlash.  For some reason, many times it will work on future updates without requiring fixes.

EZFlash Vi Features

  • Supports MicroSDHC cards up to 32GB
  • Slot1 design
  • Cleanrom support
  • Cheat function
  • Softreset function
  • Realtime save function
  • Realtime guide function
  • Video playback
  • MP3 music playback
  • Textbook reading
  • Homebrew support

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