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The CycloDS Evolution Package


The CycloDS package comes with:

  • CycloDS Evolution Card
  • Micro SD Reader (optional)

About the Card

The CycloDS Evolution features DSDI auto patching and full DS download play support. It is one of the most popular cards on the market, but also more expensive due to its higher quality components and extra features other cards do not have. It is very similar to the EDGE DS, although the EDGE DS is slightly more reliable.

Like most other slot-1 devices, the CycloDS Evolution uses MicroSD cards for storage and media is played with the built in media player. It was one of the first to use SDHC cards (after the R4 SDHC and EDGE DS), which range from 4GBto 32GB. The CycloDS iEvolution package comes with a fast USB MicroSD reader/writer compatible with SDHC. The “Enhanced Mode” provides unique features activated through an in-game menu. These features currently include slow-motion, soft reset, a built-in cheat device, a realtime save feature, the option to change the brightness of the DS Lite’s LCD backlight in-game, and an in-game text reader for video game walkthroughs.

CycloDS Evolution Features

  • Completely plug & play – no FlashMe, PassMe or PC software required
  • 100% compatibility, supports clean ROM’s – works on any OS
  • RealTime Save function, allowing you to save and restore the state of gameplay at any time
  • Wii connectivity in games is supported
  • Full NDS download play support
  • Action Replay compatible cheat code engine, comes bundled with over 300 cheat codes for over 300 games!
  • Uses MicroSD card, both FAT16 and FAT32 supported
  • Supports the MicroSDHC specification, allowing for high capacity memory cards
  • Save type is automatically detected, no need for a save type database
  • Save directly to MicroSD rather than onboard flash
  • User friendly, easily skinnable interface. Both touch screen and button operation supported
  • Multi-lingual user interface
  • “Enhanced Mode” which provides powerful, unique features during game play. Enhanced features are activated through an in-game menu. Enhanced mode features include:
    • RealTime Save which allows you to save and restore the state of gameplay at any time
    • Adjust LCD brightness during game play (NDSLite only)
    • SlowMotion mode which can be used to slow down game play to make fast paced action sequences easier to master
    • Return to CycloDS Evolution / Cyclo iDS Menu (aka soft reset)
    • More features to come!
  • Excellent homebrew compatibility thanks to the DLDI auto-patcher
  • 2 megabytes of onboard flash memory which contains the CycloDS Evolution OS and will be utilised in the future to add exciting new features. A recovery mode is also included.
  • Autoboot mode which when activated will directly boot into the last ROM or homebrew application executed
  • Moonshell included to provide media playing functionality
  • PassMe function (boot from slot 2)
  • Supports rumble and memory expansions, without any special user interaction required

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