Updates for M3i Zero and EZFlash Vi Cards on 1.4.3 DSi Firmware

It has been many weeks since Nintendo released the v1.4.3 firmware update for DSi.  The M3 Team has just recently released their own fix for their flagship M3i Zero card.  It seems like it took longer than usual for all developers to get a fix out, but now M3i Zero users can regain compatibility with the latest DSi version.  The M3 Team does actively support their card, and all new announcements can be found on their official website www.m3adapter.com

M3i ZeroEZFlash Vi

The fix is a .nds format file, just like a rom game backup.  The file should be copied to the micro sd along with the game files and loaded via the M3 menu.  Hopefully your DSi is not yet updated to v1.4.3, if it is, and you cannot access the menu, then you must borrow a DS Lite, DSi v1.4.2 or older, or 3DS v2.1.0-3X or lower.  Load the file just like a game, and follow the on screen instructions to flash your M3i Zero.  Once complete, it should load perfectly under Dsi v.1.4.3.

For the EZFlash Vi, the latest DSi v1.4.3 compatibility firmware update finally introduces a change to the old pattern, but showing a new game Guilty Gear DS once applied.  The new firmware fix v106a adds compatibility with the latest DSi firmware update v1.4.3.

You can download the new EZFlash Vi firmware v106a from the official manufacturer’s website www.ezflash.cn.  It is a .nds file that loads from the EZFlash Vi menu like any other game.  On screen instructions will take you the rest of the way.

Have fun!

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