Crown3DS Plays 3DS Games!

September 2011 appears to be a bit of a landmark date in the Nintendo homebrew industry, and with very good reason. In the last week or so, rumours and reports that a group calling themselves Crown3DS have broken the encryption on the Nintendo 3DS console have become substantiated. It appears that this previously unknown DS card developer has developed a prototype card that can play Nintendo 3DS 3D games! This is massive news because to date, every DS based card in existence for the DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL and 3DS console could only play regular DS games, and not DSiWare (which is downloadable content for the DSi handheld console) and or Nintendo 3DS ’3D’ games.

Crown3DS have backed up these rumours by releasing a video proving that their research has come to fruition. The video demonstrates that a prototype card (with an awful lot of wires sticking out the back of it!) could successfully play Splinter Cell 3DS on a Nintendo 3DS console without problem.



There are currently a few reservations about the Crown3DS team still, however. Bear in mind that all the top flash card teams like Acekard, Supercard, R4i, EZFlash etc. have all built a reputation on customer response and compatibility. Even if this Crown3DS card ends up working on a 3DS console with 3D games, they still need to prove themselves as a supplier by listening to the community and making frequent updates. As they have no current track record it is difficult to say whether they’d be good or not so good at this.

Additionally, the video gives no indication whatsoever of how close the Crown3DS card is to manufacturing, or whether it will permanently stay as a prototype only.

Below are some more photos of the kit in action.




If there are any additional developments, we’ll be sure to post them on this website! Do stay tuned.

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