Nintendo Updates to then Firmware

New Nintendo DSi and 3DS Firmware Updates

After updating the Nintendo DSi to the newer 1.4.2 firmware, Nintendo then went after the Nintendo 3DS. The purpose of both of these updates was to make the transfer of online content (such as DSiWare) from DSi to the 3DS seamless. However, the newest updates made cards on both the DSi and 3DS unable to be used.

Nintendo DSi / 3DS Updates Block Flash Cards

Both of these updates blocked the vast majority of genuine flash cards as well as effectively all clone / imitation cards that don’t have a support team behind them. Nintendo also released an additional firmware update ( for the 3DS after it emerged that some games may have come into problems with the update. However, this new update doesn’t block any cards. So any 3DS with cards that are compatible will also be compatible with Nintendo’s firmware update.

Many of the genuine card manufacturers have already provided fixes for the majority of the firmware updates. From our research, they are as follows (links to the official manufacturer’s website) for the main genuine card manufacturers. This list was last updated 29/June/2011:

  • R4i SDHC / R4i 3DS (1.4.2 compatible, compatible)
  • Supercard DSTWO (1.4.2 compatible, compatible)
  • Acekard 2i (1.4.2 compatible, compatible)
  • M3i Zero(1.4.2 compatible, compatible)
  • EZFlash Vi(1.4.2 compatible, compatible)
  • iEDGE (1.4.2 compatible only)
  • Cyclo DS iEvolution (no updates as of yet)

Buying Genuine Nintendo DSi / 3DS Cards

For a list of retailers who stock only genuine cards, head over to our Where to Buy page.

Retailers are welcome to e-mail us to be put on this page as long as you meet the following conditions:

  • You provide prompt customer service and are an established retailer,
  • You sell ONLY genuine cards (we do not allow ANY stores that sell fake / clone cards)

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