Nintendo Releases 1.4.3 DSi Firmware Update

Last updated 16/August/2011 – (Many thanks to NDS-Gear for informing us about the 1.4.3 DSi update)


Nintendo Releases DSi 1.4.3 Firmware Update

Just a few weeks after the 1.4.2 update was released, Nintendo have released a follow-up update, simply called the 1.4.3 firmware update. This update affects both the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL consoles. There is speculation that the update might be to get the DSi compatible with the recent Nintendo 3DS’ update, but it’s most probable that the update is just there to block Nintendo DS flash carts.

Current Compatibility with 1.4.3 System Update

Currently (as of 16/Aug/2011), the Supercard DSTWO, Acekard 2i and R4i 3DS are confirmed to be working, but other manufacturers are still working on a fix.

Pretty much all mainstream official cards work with the older 1.4.2 update, still, including:

  • R4i 3DS
  • iEDGE
  • Acekard 2i
  • Supercard DSTWO
  • M3i Zero
  • EZFlash Vi
  • Cyclo DS iEvolution

In the mean time, please do not use the System Update function on your DSi and DSi XL consoles as this will render the cards unusable until manufacturers come out with updates. We’ll try to update this page frequently when news about other mainstream cards becomes available.

Nintendo DSi 1.4.3 Firmware Video

DSCardWorld have a video on YouTube showing the new firmware blocking various cards.


They also have a video showing the upgrade process for the R4i 3DS card specifically.


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